Advertising & Promotion

Each year Meridian Entertainment is responsible for generating millions of dollars of advertising and promotion for our clients. Call us toll free, 800-968-4769, to find out how we can provide you these services, in many cases, at no cost to you whatsoever.


We regularly write and create radio commercials, handle and place radio advertising, and negotiate and create hundreds of thousands of dollars in free promotional radio exposure for our clients.


We can create and produce the print advertising for your event or activity, while our promotional staff works with your key print media entertainment editors to help coordinate high visibility interviews for your artists.


We regularly write and produce and/or place television commercials as a service to our clients around the country.


Our office can compose and submit press releases about a single concert or your entire event on your behalf.


We regularly work with our clients to create a complete set of momentum-building promotions about their event or concert. We carefully coordinate press releases, radio promotions, interviews and paid advertising to help create the best possible opportunity for success.

With decades of experience at writing, coordinating, negotiating and creating advertising opportunities for our own events, as well as those of our clients, we know what you need to make your event a success!

Don’t forget to call our toll free number, 800-968-4769 to learn how, in many cases, we can provide you with many of these services at no cost to you whatsoever!