Technical Production

Sound Reinforcement & Concert Lighting

Because we are involved with hundreds of concerts each year, we are often called upon to locate and secure different production needs for our clients. First among these needs is the search for quality sound reinforcement and concert lighting companies at an affordable price.

Our approach whenever a client has these needs is to contact up to three viable companies, provide each company the needed specs for each artist and create a bid system designed to generate the best price available at the time the system is required.

Our experience working with hundreds of companies around the country helps our client’s obtain great pricing from an “A List” company.

Outdoor Staging & Roofs

Many outdoor events, including festivals, fairs, private parties or corporate concerts require the need for a first class stage and roof to guarantee coverage against inclement weather and to meet the needs of their artist.

Meridian Entertainment can help locate the type of staging that your needs dictate. From small stages for solo performers to 100 foot wide stages with load bearing roofs covering the entire deck, we can help provide you the best choices to help you locate the most competitive prices. From easy up stages to the newest hydraulic units requiring little labor, Meridian specializes in helping you determine your needs and working with you to handle them for the best possible results. Your needs are our concerns.

Thank you.

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