On Site Production

Meridian Entertainment prides itself on its professional staff who can handle all aspects of producing a high profile event. We’ve got years of experience in the entertainment industry and know just what it takes to make your event successful.

Whether your needs require an experienced, and trained representative to be on site as nothing more than support for your existing production team, or if you have no production team at all and request that a Meridian representative work with you, to teach and help your event coordinate all or most of your production needs, we can be there to assure that only the best results come from our experiences together.

Here are just a few of the things we can assist with:

  • Coordinating artist event catering needs and times
  • Show settlement assistance
  • Clarifying labor requirements, to assure that your event provide
    what each artist needs, and nothing more.
  • Helping to discover and coordinate day of show labor and
    load-in times for the day of each event.
  • Help for you to development bids for sound, lights, staging, and/or
    roof needs, to assure the best providers are working for you at
    their best prices.
  • Help to coordinate artist and event ground transportation needs
    and requirements.
  • Artist meet and greet coordination
  • Professional on-site assistance for experienced problem solving


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